Is increasing taxes a good way to improve public services?

I think increasing taxes is necessary to boost our country’s financial resources. People should bear the tax hike if the government improves public services.
Firstly, increasing taxes is necessary to boost Japan’s financial resources. Without increasing taxes, the government must curtail some existing public services or increase the amount of government bonds. However, if the government curtails some public services, those workers will lose their jobs. This may contribute to worsening the recession. If the government increases the bonds, people will worry about our future. Our country already has the largest amount of government bonds in the world. Government should not increase it more.
Secondly, people should support the government to reinforce public services because these are at the root of our life. These days, demands for welfare facilities and nursery schools are increasing because there are too few nursery schools and welfare facilities. If the number of these facilities increases, more people can contribute to the society because these facilities can help take care of their family during working hours. If more people are employed, tax revenue will gradually increase.
In conclusion, I believe increasing taxes is a good way to improve public services. People should support the government to implement these policies.


Is there enough emphasis on important issues in politics today?

In Japan, big political change happened last summer as a result of the election of House of Representatives. Now, politics are changing for the better because the condition of education is improving and our government is reducing unnecessary budgets.
Firstly, the government is considering education to be of great importance. In fact, the educational budget has been increased so the number of teachers has also increased. This makes students understand their curriculum easier and prevents trouble such as bulling on schools. Teachers can work as a team and students can have more individual feedback. Education is an important issue because this is at the root of our nation.
Secondly, the government is making efforts to curtail the unnecessary budgets. Japan has the largest amount of government bonds and this is a huge debt to all Japanese. Current government abolished some public benefit corporations. Budgets must now be justified. Politicians and civil servants have to consider if the way they spend their budgets is really a benefit for the majority.
In conclusion, I believe politics has enough emphasis on important issues as education and budgets. Political change was a trigger to this change so people should go to elections and vote. This is the way to ensure the important issues will always be addressed.


Does sumo have a role to play in modern Japanese society?

I believe sumo has great values such as respect the loser and preserving Japanese tradition. Sumo should play an important role in today’s society.
Firstly, sumo plays a role to encourage people to enjoy traditional sports because it is the most popular sports in Japan, regardless of age and gender. For example, I will never forget three years ago, when I was hospitalized. Usually, inpatients have dinner separately but one day, sumo was on the TV and everyone was watching it. Regardless of age and gender, everyone was enthusiastic about the matches. Even old and young were talking to each other about their favorite wrestlers. There are no other sports as popular as sumo. It brings people together.
Secondly, sumo plays a role in preserving Japanese tradition. Sumo has a long history, longer than 1000 years. Sumo wrestlers dress as long as their origin. These traditions have been built up throughout Japan’s long history. Especially after world war two, Japan lost a lot of traditional heritage. However, sumo teaches and reminds us to those traditions.
In conclusion, I believe sumo has an important role in today’s Japanese society. It gets connection to our past and brings people together.


Graves disease and thyrotoxic ophthalmopathy.

In August 2007, when I wake up, I found myself that everything seems like diplopia. My right eye sees everything lower and left eye sees higher than the origin. So, everything seems like doubleness to me.
After an hour, my eyes become normal so I don’t consider my condition seriously.
However, in September my eyes need longer time to become normal view and my weight became patently lighter than before.
At the end of that month, I went to the hospital and I was diagnosed with the graves disease and the thyrotoxic ophthalmopathy. My weight was 10 kilogram lighter than before. It took two years to treat my serious symptoms.


New school year started!

In Japan, new school year starts from April. At our school, the opening ceremony was on April 6th. This date depends on the community. For example, Kakogawa city which is next to our city has opening ceremony on April 7th and some cities in our Hyogo prefecture even have it on April 8th. Of course, children are looking forward for this day and feeling a little bit nervous. There are interested in, “who is my teacher” and “who will be my classmates.” Without students, school is a sad place, and the spring holiday was so. Now, I’m looking forward to spend time with my students!


Is the family becoming less important in today’s world?

Nowadays, nuclear families are increasing as the number of extended families is in decline. People seem too busy to spend enough time with their family and families’ role seems to be declining in the society. However, I believe family is at the root of humanity and it still has crucial role in today’s world.
Firstly, children learn the difference between right and wrong throughout their childhood. Parents discipline their children when they do something wrong. Without discipline, children can not understand morals. If they do not acquire the morality, this can lead to juvenile delinquency when they grow older. In contrast, if parents disciple their children carefully with love, they will be able to make good relationships with other people and the society as a whole.
Secondly, families should take care of their elderly parents. In our aging society, people need help when they get old. Elderly people can depend on family’s help with less hesitation. Parents make great efforts to nurture their children, so children should repay the kindness when their parents need help. Of course, welfare systems such as elderly care facilities are needed in the society however families should help each other.
In conclusion, I believe families still have an important role in today’s world. People can not exist without family. Parents should educate their children and children should take care of their parents. Families should help each other without any hesitation.


Cherry trees are also in full bloom!

Cherry trees at Yumesaki river where is near to my home are about 70 to 80% in bloom. Probably within a week, it will be in 100% full bloom. In Japan, the beginning of cherry blossoms falling down in considered the most beautiful time because it looks like snows falling down. Cherry blossoms embody spring in Japan.